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Wilson Pro Overgrip

The Best-Known Overgrip

Even someone who does not play tennis has heard of Wilson Pro Overgrip! It is globally recognized that Wilson is the world’s most famous tennis brand in the world. It is not simply because of the appearance in the movie, ’Cast Away’. They produce good products for both professional and amateur players. In addition, one of their tennis overgrip products, called Wilson Pro Overgrip, is also the best-known tennis overgrip.

Wilson Pro Overgrip is the most classic in the overgrip field and it is quite clear why this is the best selling product for years. The biggest feature is durability. The tackiness lasts for a long time and it does not get dirty easily. This allows players to use the overgrip for a longer time instead of having to change it so often. Stability of Wilson Pro Overgrip is excellent. It would not fall off from the racket when you are playing. Moreover, applying the overgrip it to the rackets is easy. Even if you are a beginner, you can use it and quickly apply it without wasting time during the game.

Wilson Pro Overgrip has everything a grip should have. Therefore, you do not have to worry when looking for an overgrip that would be right for you. Try the most classic thing now. You will soon see why Wilson Pro Overgrip is the best-known overgrip. You can choose from 3 pack, 12 pack, 30 pack and 50 pack with several color options.

Head Xtreme Soft - 3 Pack
Wilson Pro Overgrip Comfort - 3 Pack
Babolat Pro Skin - 3 Pack

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