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Types of Tennis Overgrips

Though some tennis players are comfortable playing with just the base grip, tennis overgrips has many advantages that goes beyond its price. It is actually one of the cheapest things you will need as a tennis player. With the different types of tennis overgrips available, it is better to understand the use of each one in order to decide what tennis overgrip is suitable to your needs.

Tacky Overgrips

With the use of a tacky tennis overgrip, your hand will surely stick to the handle of the racket. Tacky overgrips have the ability to improve the stability of the racket in your hand. Since tacky overgrips are very durable and usually last longer, you can actually save money when using it.

Head Xtreme Soft - 3 Pack
Wilson Pro Overgrip Comfort - 3 Pack
Babolat Pro Skin - 3 Pack

Textured Overgrips

When using textured overgrips, you will notice the groves. These groves are meant to provide a better grip. Textured overgrips are usually thicker for extra comfort during a game. Though they are more durable than absorbent overgrips, they are less durable than tacky overgrips.

Yonex Wave Ribbed Overgrip - Single
Solinco Heaven Grip 12 - Dry and Adsorbant

Absorbent Overgrips

Got your game ruined due to sweaty hands? Absorbent overgrips can help you with your problem. Absorbent overgrips has the ability to absorb sweat and provides lots of comfort. Keep in mind absorbent overgrips are not so durable compared to other types of tennis overgrips.

Babolat Pro Team SP - 12 pack
Head Xtreme Soft - 30 Pack
Wilson Pro Overgrip Comfort - 12 Pack

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