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Best Tennis Overgrips

Whether you are in the beginning phase of your tennis journey or wanting continuous progress with your tennis skills, it is essential to be aware of the special tools and their benefits that could help you enhance your game; Overgrip is one of those specials tools. An overgrip is delineated as a soft, padded, cloth-like tape that is used to wrap around the handle of the racquet to help improve the grip. It is used for better grip, sweat absorption, expansion of the grip conference, and preservation of the original grip handle. However, finding the best and right overgrip is not that easy. Factors to consider are tackiness, moisture absorbency, lifespan, and cost. Check out the following overgrips that made it to the list of the best tennis overgrips.

Wilson Pro Overgrip

Aside from being a world-renowned tennis brand, Wilson is also known for its best selling overgrip, Wilson Pro Overgrip, considered to be a true classic and the best in the overgrip market since it is widely used by both amateurs and frequent tennis players. Easy application makes it perfect for beginners. Wilson Pro Overgrip produces optimal feel due to its super thin high stretch felt surface. It is also comfortable to use which is loved by tennis players. The durability of the Wilson Pro Overgrip is also loved by tennis players because it lasts about 15 - 20 hours before it needs to be replaced. Click Here for More Wilson Tennis Overgrips


TournaGrip is made by Unique Sports which a known seller of a variety of quality tennis accessories. TournaGrip is a classic absorbent grip that players turn to especially during hot weather conditions because it has the ability to absorb sweat and never lets the handle feel slippery. The dry consistency allows easier gripping as you play and sweat. This grip is very elastic which also allows superior stretching ability and making it easy to wrap around the racquet handle. This comes in three important varieties namely: Regular TournaGrip, Tourna Tac, and Tourna Max. TournaGrip may last from 20-30 hours depending on how much you sweat. This overgrip comes in various sizes and packs fitting different racquet handles. Click Here for More Tourna Tennis Overgrips

Yonex Super Grap

Yonex Super Grap is the third best selling overgrip with its right amount of tackiness and stretchiness to fit the needs of the player. Players who enjoy using Wilson Pro Overgrip also enjoys using Yonex Super Grap. This is an ideal overgrip to use if the player prefers something that is tacky/elastic and does not sweat that much. Yonex Super Grap is very absorbent and provides a comfortable feel. Click Here for More Yonex Tennis Overgrips

Head Prime

Considered to be the most successful overgrip made by Head. Widely used on tours by professionals due to its engineered elastomer makeup which is intended to give a better feel and sweat absorption ability. Although the overgrip does not stretch a lot and is fairly thick, it is still comfortable to use and will make your hands feel super dry. Click Here for Head Tennis Overgrips

Babolat VS Original

Babolat VS Original became known because of Rafael Nadal. It is an extremely thin overgrip that has a non-slip dry making it a choice of many expert players. Its dry consistency allows to take on lots of sweat without affecting the racquet handle. The durability will allow you to get 15-20 hours of hitting before it needs to be replaced. The smooth outside layers make it closer to a tacky grip, while the dry material provides more absorption ability. Click Here for Babolat Tennis Overgrips

Luxilon Elite Dry

Luxilon Elite Dry is made with a revolutionary Soft Touch fabric and Moisture-Tack technology to provide an excellent feel, comfort, and sweat absorption. The tackiness increases as you sweat. This is a great option for players that need superior sweat absorption in hot weather. Click Here for Luxilon Tennis Overgrips

OTZ Ecogrip


OTZ Ecogrip is the only biodegradable overgrip available in the market. Claimed as the best and most comfortable grip. This is the choice of many famous tennis players because of its eco-friendly and biodegradable ability. It provides a superior feel and has an outstanding sweat absorption ability. 

Solinco Heaven Overgrip

If you are looking for an ideal grip to keep your hands dry on the court, purchase Solinco Heaven Overgrip. Solinco Heaven Overgrip is lightly sanded which provide extremely dry feel. It is cloth-like, cushioned higher performance polyurethane grip made to be absorbent during a match play. Click Here for Solinco Tennis Overgrips

Dunlop U-Sweat Overgrip

Dunlop U-Sweat Overgrip keeps your hands dry on the court. Its polyurethane outer layer and ultra absorbent non-woven base layer helps secure your grip. It is made to be ultra-absorbent especially for players that sweat a lot or lives in places with extreme conditions. Click Here for Dunlop Tennis Overgrips